This Orlando Certified Personal Trainer was taught the importance of exercise from the time she was old enough to walk. Even at nine months old, she began training for soccer and long distance running. By age two, she was involved with soccer and gymnastics. At age five, she began wrestling and racquetball. Throughout the years, she has been a soccer player, soccer official, soccer coach, and has also been involved with meditation, energy cleansing, capoeira, yoga, Pilates, BARRE, modeling, makeup artistry, photography, research, statistics, and more.

She has appeared on television and in publications such as Maxim, Stuff, FHM, Orlando Magazine, HIN, and more. In 2001, she was awarded on BET as the first SHINE contestant winner for being a positive role model in the urban community. This CPT has spent time in schools and at other public speaking engagements, educating others on the effects of bullying (including work and cyber), using exercise in lieu of medications to treat autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, anxiety, and other cognitive disorders, advocating autism awareness and equality, and demonstrating to companies the little things they can do at their establishments to increase health and well being as well as productivity and loyalty.

With college degrees in psychology, criminology, Asian studies, and research methods and design, she has experience in legal (referrals available upon request) and retail / customer service.  Her personal training certification is through ACE with an Orthopedic Exercise Specialization, and she is continually motivated to dedicating her life to fitness and health and helping others achieve the same.  She also is certified as a BARRE Above instructor. and registered as a 200 hour Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, she was kept out of the gym and away from exercise for almost two years.  In that time, her weight exponentially increased.  Prior to returning to exercise, on diet alone, she was able to shed 40 pounds within less than three months.  Her training style is eclectic and incorporates a variety of methods.

Currently, her focus is training those with cognitive disorders, individuals new to fitness, and people transitioning out of physical therapy / rehabilitation / occupational therapy to personal training and exercise.  As part of her Brand Ambassador duties, she is usually seen sporting Dissident Gym Wear, Alo Yoga, Hylete, Prana, and other fitness wear lines while lunging down grocery store aisles, squatting at offices, wall sitting in elevators, and integrating exercise components throughout many aspects of her life.

She neither fat nor food shames her clients.  Her approach is very different than any you may have experienced.  

Let her show you how to properly perform the five essential movements of activities of daily living.  If you or a loved one has a cognitive disorder, ask about discounted rates.  If you would like to be featured in her fitness videos, please contact her through the contact form.  If you are a musician who would like his/her work featured in fitness videos and classes, let her know. 

As of 2019, we have added another certified personal trainer in Orlando.  His certification is through NFPT.

Orlando Certified Personal Trainer

Our Orlando Certified Personal Trainer is experienced with thirty minute workouts that can be completed during lunchtime.  Her clients ofte...