Endurance training

One of the methods we use for endurance training is the Barre Above method. Our Barre Above Certified Instructor incorporates elements of barre into personal training to help increase endurance, which builds stamina. We focus on the three basic movements that include squat, plié, and lunge. Add a bit of biceps, triceps, shoulders, stretches, yoga, and Pilates, then you have a fun and dynamic way to increase your endurance without getting bored. Don’t have time to attend a class? Book a session with us, and we bring the class to you! Your home, office, or public area is a great place to feel comfortable while getting fit and having fun! We offer group discounts and individual barre sessions.

Orlando Certified Personal Trainer

Our Orlando Certified Personal Trainer is experienced with thirty minute workouts that can be completed during lunchtime.  Her clients ofte...