Barre Instruction

We are pleased to announce that we now offer barre instruction. Our Orlando Certified Personal Trainer is certified as a Barre Instructor through Barre Above. Special event and small group classes are available as well as one on one sessions for those of you who are shy or do not have scheduling flexibility for classes at traditional times. Our certified personal trainer offers training and barre sessions at hours to meet the demands of your busy schedule. No time to travel? We come to you. Your home, office, mental health provider’s location, parks, open areas, almost anywhere with space*. Need more training options? How about online, virtual, and video conferencing? We can train you via FaceTime or Skype. Online training offers a way to access programmed workouts wherever you are. We make exercise convenient for you.

*Subject to certain restrictions, limitations, exclusions, and conditions.

Orlando Certified Personal Trainer

Our Orlando Certified Personal Trainer is experienced with thirty minute workouts that can be completed during lunchtime.  Her clients ofte...