Online personal training

Online personal training options are available and work well for self-motivated individuals who need guidance. If you are a busy professional, or are an individual with an inconsistent work schedule, online personal training may work well for you. We offer monthly rates that are affordable, which save you money. As our travel expenses and equipment budget would be eliminated, savings would be passed along to you. We will also educate you as to how to be more conscious of food choices. While we do not currently have a registered dietitian or nutritionist in our network, we may discuss how caloric deficit and intake works.

Online personal training services with us includes Skype / video conferencing sessions to assess your form and suggest alternative exercises. Choosing our online personal training options does not mean you will never have physical access to us locally. We would still meet in person for some of your sessions. For more information, contact us!

Orlando Certified Personal Trainer

Our Orlando Certified Personal Trainer is experienced with thirty minute workouts that can be completed during lunchtime.  Her clients ofte...